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domingo, 26 de maio de 2019

a mind full of rooms

It was a mind full of rooms, and in each room you are looking at yourself from the outside, each room represents your common attitudes when you have a certain feeling. What attitudes and you have when you are in the love room, think about all the actions you have. Now in the rooms that you can see that the colors are darker like the anger room, when we can always see ourselves sitting in a lotus position in the dark rooms, we will succeed. it will be possible? That should be enough to open the eighth portal.

segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2019

the expulsion

In porto alegre, I am in 2019 but this happened about 6 years, one came fine people, was relating to a program girl, he was married and had 2 children my brothers with the ex-wife, and two more children with mine mother me and my brother red beard. They lived together for a while at my father's work, which I did internships with. Then it was mass that I accompanied all their tragedy smelling them, and also saw my old man buying chocolate bars to please her, that was mass. His ex-wife then found out, and they fought, it turned out that my father rented a house in the name of this woman in a village in Porto Alegre. It's just that the woman my father fell in love with has put another woman who was also a program girl in the house. Some time later the owner of the house called my father complaining that the women were making orgies with the area traffickers in the house, and the women were threatening to enter the bay and shoot, was generating a general conflict. The woman friend of the woman my father was relating to did not want to leave the house and the woman he related had disappeared. Then he called me and said: Mine we need to get this woman out of there. So I said: ta mamo vamo. Then, when we arrived, we knocked on the door of the house, she had a washing machine next to the door, and I hid there while the old man knocked on the door saying he wanted to talk to her. When she opened the door, I jumped back and took her by the shoulders and said, "It's going to be a good thing, it's going to be worse now." She said let me at least get my things, then I told her to wait there in the street that we reached for her, I still remember her scene coming out just like the "el Chavo del 8" on that day when he gets expelled from the village, it's not a story beautiful but that's what happened.

quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2019

words at wind

Forget the words and ask, what does he say to me without saying anything? What is he feeling now? What intentions does the pupil tell you?

talk with me?

quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2019

Attention and Distraction

Have you perceived and deciphered the information the pupil gives you? It's to be distracted after passing the filter, but not so much. You have to pay attention to the way you look at others, and the kinds of reactions you have to a situation when you are not the perpetrator of immoral action. a pure look of reproof of certain behaviors may be a determinant of that concept being real to that being. A look with a sense of approval may mean support for that particular behavior

segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2019

Karmic Tarot

Make your karmic query and accelerate your evolutionary process in your mission here on earth. Consultation with karmic tarot helps in the processes with the closest people, relatives, spouses, friends and co-workers, with a comprehensive approach and associated with the knowledge of the old Kabbalah, helps in the dissolution of the accumulated karmas in our daily life that we do not realize or emotional overload we can not go on. Schedule your query by email or whatsapp, you decide the amount you will pay, after all common sense in this is also part of karma. Personal consultation and online feel the called me look for.
whatsapp: 5551982632165

Social Parasite

First, it will see you as a gateway to new possibilities of nutrients needed for your life.
Some offer you everything else just let you be you and listen to you.
They are easy to identify after some time due to some natural postures, such as: making you spin around their lives and speeding up their personal processes. It will hardly be portals for you, because when they dedicate themselves to the opening of a new portal it is because the others have already been drained in their totality, so they are people without friends of the past or relatives, sometimes it has but the number is reduced and the access does not is facilitated. Victimization is something very common in these people.

Jellyfish look

Build strength but do not petrifice yourself when they give you that jellyfish look with disapproving feelings and restraining your free will through emotional blackmail or catching you for your weaknesses.